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NASCAR DFS Spreadsheet — June and July 2024

Sunday, January 21, 2024

I'm Back - Fantasy NASCAR Spreadsheets return in 2024

Fantasy NASCAR needs data. It's fun to play DFS NASCAR with spreadsheets that contain historical results and practice laps.

I considered releasing all of the tools for free and letting people do it themselves. I've considered this before. I never do it because you won't do it. You don't want to spend five hours scraping each week. You don't want to spend another five hours updating DFS NASCAR spreadsheets.

I like you people, so I'll do it for you. I don't like you too much, so I'll charge.

You can pay for a weekend or pay for the month. Just like the old days.

More info to come.

TLDR: The 2019 model is coming back. Come get your racing sheets.

Yes... the podcast will be back, too.