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    Thursday, March 16, 2023

    Kill Stage Racing Cautions

    NASCAR correctly removed stage cautions from road courses. Points are still awarded but predetermined pit stops have been removed. Fans rejoiced. Now, it's time to take the next step. Award stage points at all track types but remove the cautions. Force the drivers to race, and not nurse their car to the stage break caution.

    Take a look at Phoenix 2023 Race (lap times —

    Stage 1 at Phoenix — in the new racing package — witnessed a severe drop off in speed during stage 1. It wasn't due to tire wear or handling, it was a lack of competitiveness. The drivers nursed their cars to the end of the stage because they could. They drove but didn't race. Is that what we want? Predetermined cautions facilitate lap turning. This is not a compelling sport.

    Compare those laps to another projected 60-lap run in Stage 3

    Do we want better racing? Do we want competitive battles? With the current rules, drivers give less than 100% for the majority of the race. It's not because they do not care. It's strategic. NASCAR stage cautions incentivize lap turning. 

    Predetermined cautions work in grass roots racing for multiple reasons: shorter tracks and limited resources. Neither are true of NASCAR. The elimination of caution breaks at the road courses will be a hit. It's time for NASCAR to take the next step. Eliminate stage cautions but still award the points at all tracks.

    Friday, March 10, 2023