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NASCAR DFS Spreadsheet — June and July 2024

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

LA Clash Notes 2023

is great resource for researching the play-by-play of past races for DFS NASCAR analysis.

Also, the Race4thePrize.com Fantasy NASCAR Spreadsheet contains racing notes from NASCAR's media feed:

0 Practice: #48 scraped the wall in practice 1, session 1, #22 had a clutch issue in session 1, #54 has a fire in his car in his second time going out in practice due to the exhaust coming off, #16 sends #14 in practice after the two made contact a few times, #22 spins in his final session of practice
1 #10 leads the field to the green from the inside with #19 on the outside, the track temperature is down 25 degrees from when #10 won Heat 1, #10 leads lap but 1 but #19 challenges on the outside before falling to 2nd
8 #11 passes #19 for 2nd
14 #10 catches #38 as the last car on the lead lap

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Fantasy NASCAR Spreadsheet - February 2024

Want to build original DFS NASCAR lineups? Tired of YouTube DFS picks? This is the data — practice & race laps, results, etc. — you need.

Fantasy NASCAR Spreadsheet - February 2024 
  • LA Clash - Cup (1)
  • Daytona - Cup, Xfinity, Trucks & Duels (5)
  • Atlanta - Cup, Xfinity, Trucks (3)
  • Las Vegas - Cup, Xfinity, Trucks (3)
What is in the sheets?
  • Projections
  • Practice data (every lap and averages)*
  • Past results
  • Advanced metrics
  • Optimizer Tool
  • Mass Entry Tool
  • …and more 

February Price
  • Month (12 sheets) - $30
  • Weekend - $12 (Clash $5)
Monthly price varies depending on the number of races that I have to scrape and update.

Send funds to:

GIVE ME your email address. I need an email address to add you to the sheet. Put it in a note with your payment, or better yet, email me after sending funds - race4theprize06@gmail.com

Disclaimer: sometimes the scrape fails. It could be NASCAR's fault or mine. It happens. There is not a guarantee that the sheets will have perfect data every week. I'll do my best just like in the past. If you're not happy, you're not locked into a season-long package.

I'm Back - Fantasy NASCAR Spreadsheets return in 2024

Fantasy NASCAR needs data. It's fun to play DFS NASCAR with spreadsheets that contain historical results and practice laps.

I considered releasing all of the tools for free and letting people do it themselves. I've considered this before. I never do it because you won't do it. You don't want to spend five hours scraping each week. You don't want to spend another five hours updating DFS NASCAR spreadsheets.

I like you people, so I'll do it for you. I don't like you too much, so I'll charge.

You can pay for a weekend or pay for the month. Just like the old days.

More info to come.

TLDR: The 2019 model is coming back. Come get your racing sheets.

Yes... the podcast will be back, too.