Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Fantasy NASCAR Spreadsheet - August Package

Fantasy NASCAR SpreadsheetFull Month: 10 races ...$26

  • Watkins Glen (8/3-4): 
    • Trucks & Cup
    • $8
  • Michigan & Mid Ohio (8/10-11): 
    • Trucks, Xfinity, & Cup
    • $12
  • Bristol (8/15-17): 
    • Trucks, Xfinity, & Cup
    • $12
  • Road America & Canada (8/24-25): 
    • Xfinity & Trucks
    • $8
Just send the appropriate amount of money to:

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Short flat tracks and the hi-df hi-hp package

New Hampshire is not Martinsville or Phoenix, but they have flat corners and are one mile or less. You can look at NH historical data, but that’s in the old package. There’s never been much passing at NH, but this year could be the worst race of the season. Maybe, we can look at Richmond, too, but let’s start with Phoenix. What happened at Phoenix? You could go over to YouTube and watch the race again, but I’ve got you covered.


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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Fantasy NASCAR - Kentucky Podcasts

I've recorded a lot of Fantasy NASCAR podcasts over the last week. Unfortunately, some of that content is buried because I have record so much, or maybe you just missed it. I am going to repost all of the Kentucky relevant Fantasy NASCAR content here:

Kentucky Podcasts

Review Podcasts

podcast also available on: