Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Fantasy NASCAR Spreadsheet - Kansas or May

DFS Racing Sheets - Kansas or May

May Package ($25):
  • 8 races (excluding all-star) at $5 per sheet is $40, but I will sell you the whole month (including what ever I throw together for the All-Star race) for $25.
Kansas Package ($8)
  • Truck & Cup
Just send the appropriate amount of money to:


Thursday, April 25, 2019

Fantasy NASCAR Spreadsheet - May

DFS Racing Sheets May

I am not doing individual races because I want to focus on the sheets. When I do individual sales, then my focus turns to sheet access and business record keeping, not the racing data.

This month, I will offer monthly and weekly packages. You can still buy the Cup sheet on Sunday morning, but you will pay the weekend price.

May Package ($25):
  • 8 races (excluding all-star) at $5 per sheet is $40, but I will sell you the whole month (including what ever I throw together for the All-Star race) for $25.
Dover Package ($11)
  • Truck, Xfinity, & Cup
Kansas Package ($8)
  • Truck & Cup
All-Star/Truck Weekend ($4)
  • Truck, All-Star Open, and All-Star Race
Charlotte Package ($8)
  • Xfinity & Cup

Just send the appropriate amount of money to:

Talladega Access

I am sticking to my word, I will not sell individual sheets for April. However, if you did not buy the April package, but want the Talladega sheets, then I will budge a little.

If you buy the May package and add $10, then I will throw in the Dega sheets (or $5 if you only want one Dega sheet). This is not a deal because I do not want to short change the people that purchased the April package.

May Race Schedule (9 races)

  • Cup
    • Dover
    • Kansas
    • Open/All-Star
    • Charlotte
  • Xfinity
    • Dover
    • Charlotte
  • Trucks
    • Dover
    • Kansas
    • Charlotte

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

2018 Fantasy NASCAR Podcast Archives

I stumbled across some of my old FanVice Fantasy NASCAR podcasts from 2018, so I've posted them. There are a lot of racing stats and trends stuffed into these long podcasts.

2018 Podcasts

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Fantasy NASCAR Spreadsheet - April Package

DFS Racing Sheets April

I do not need to take any time off, but streamlining the process will make my life easier. Therefore, I am going to take a month off from individual sales. No individual sales will be accepted at anytime this month. I am only selling the April package this week - $20 will buy you the 6 race sheets.

Make a one time payment, and I can add you one time. It's easy for us all.

If you're more into the individual sheet deal, then I am sorry. I might bring it back next month.

Just send me $20 for all of the sheets:

Important - In the payment note section:
  • include your gmail address
  • you can also send this info in a separate email to race4theprize06@gmail.com

Friday, April 12, 2019

Improvements to the Fantasy Racing Alexa App

Amazon Echo and Fantasy NASCAR Content

You can get the Fantasy NASCAR Podcast, by simply asking Alexa to play the "fantasy NASCAR podcast." You need to add the TuneIn radio skill in the Alexa app, but it's easy, click here for the directions.

Did you know that I have also created a flash briefing skill that I am improving each week? If you ask for the news, I'll pop on and give you audio tips and updates, but that't not all. Alexa will read fantasy NASCAR scores, notes, and articles that I program.

Click here for directions on how to add this skill and get your amazon echo to play the fantasy racing flash briefing.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Richmond should be similar to Phoenix

In the new Hid-Hop package (high downforce, high horsepower), Richmond should be very similar to Phoenix. Richmond is a one groove race track. It's part short track and part intermediate track. It's by no means an exact replica of Phoenix, but this should be single file racing with terrible aero push.

It will take good cars a long time to work their way up to the front. Making position movement even more difficult is the fact that there is nowhere to go on restarts. Drivers can try to jump to the outside on restarts, but that can end badly. Phoenix offered many lanes on restarts. That will not happen at Richmond. Track position will be king this weekend.

Watch Phoenix again, but don't waste too much time staring at green flag runs where cars go nowhere. Add the "Youtube Playback Speed Control" to your chrome browser and watch it at warp speed.

Richmond Spring 2018 - YouTube

Richmond Fall 2018 - YouTube

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Fantasy Racing Flash Briefing on Alexa

When you ask Alexa to read the latest news, my fantasy racing tips will be included in the flash briefing. It's a quick one minute briefing on dfs tips or the upcoming racing schedule.

Here's how you add it:

1. Open the Alexa App ...then


Ask Alexa to "play the news."