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DFS NASCAR Weekend Fantasy Notes - Homestead



  • I have concerns with Reddick chalk. In cup preview podcast #1 I go into more detail, but here is a quick summary. He cut a RR last year, and could have easily busted if it wasn't before the end of the stage. He never wrecked out in the Xfinity race because of the composite body was very forgiving of his aggression. Larson will poach some of the fast lap points that he needs. Good drivers with unscheduled pit stops will return to the track with fresh tires and poach fast laps. Now, if the price is too low and Reddick is starting in the back, he'll be fine because he doesn't need as many fast lap points, but he can still wreck out. We've seen Larson fail to finish these races in the steel Cup body.
  • NASCAR has received criticism over a late race caution that hurt Chase Elliott, but when it works the other way it’s completely fine. Anyway, NASCAR probably wants Homestead to finish with out a show business shoot out. A driver will inevitably blow a tire, and due to last week, I would not be surprised if race control does NOT have an itchy trigger finger, and tries to keep this race green, favoring the cars with long run setups.
  • Don't forget to check out the "what the drivers said" homestead article
  • Briscoe has not been great at Homestead, I caution anyone leaning on his 2020 xfinity races, please read the xfinity notes from last season's double header. Here are two points among others -He had a tire advantage for most of race #1 and the field was garbage last season. Don't bury him, but before you fall in love think twice. Most people are going to fall in love at first sight (q position), look at the stat sheet, and end research there. The field will have a lot, there are valid reasons for going under on Briscoe (if his price is too low, then you might be forced to swallow Briscoe chalk) 
  • Steve Letarte crew chief for lajoie (current crew chief ill), not sure if this means anything
  • not feeling well, my activity will be limited for a couple days. I hope to back at it Saturday


  • I do not like Allgaier chalk. He's been terrible at Homestead. JUST TERRIBLE 
  • I love gragson chalk
  • Early in the week, I am pretty high on Herbst, but we have to see the salary
  • check out the Xfinity Podcast
  • Tyler Reddick is in an RSS car (sieg), but this is likely an Our Motorsports car, but without qualifying, they do not have any points for their second car, so they are using RSS points.
  • Need to research santino ferrucci... OVALS = 7th in 2019 Indy 500, 4th at 2019 Texas, 12th at 2019 Iowa, 4th at 2019 Pocono, mechanical failure at 2020 Texas, 1th and 18th at 2020 Iowa, 4th at 2020 Indy 500 ....no stock car experience, running 20 races this season
  • Did David Starr park last week? Will ne run all of the laps this week? Even if he doesn't park, how far can this car go in a green race?


  •  No race this week

In case I didn't say it enough during the video, the same tools that were $200 last season and the season before that are now free. These are hard times; it's the least that I can do. Thank you for supporting me for all of these years.