Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Join the Monster Squad

You can be a part of the stupidest organization for $100

Why pay $100 to be a part of an irreverent joke?
  • You get access to the Monster Squad discord 
  • Spreadsheets for the rest of the season (43 races) are in the discord
  • Seasonal Data Sheets (season data, optimals, lap-by-lap, pit stops, etc.) are in the Monster Squad discord
  • Shows in the discord video channel covering whatever I want to talk about. Monsters? probably. NASCAR? Definitely.
  • My NASCAR thoughts will be written in a special discord channel
  • You will have the ability to ask me questions and chat with other crazy people that paid $100 to join this silly club
  • This is not a DFS site, and that's not the end goal, I have a lot of side projects that I am working on, I have no idea what this will turn into, but.... you don't care want spreadsheets, and YES!!! That's one of my projects, so it will be in the discord and I will share all of my work with you, including an autotune EP called Die Hard Dance Party based on the film Die Hard starring Bruce Willis. It's five songs. it's stupid but it's real. Welcome to the club, pal! 
  • DFS sites and discords can turn toxic, so let's not take it too seriously. If you want to hang out and look at spreadsheets with some nerds, then join. 
  • You can also say you're a member of the Monster Squad, but be careful throwing that around because you will be expected to kill Mummies and Draculas on sight. Kicking the wolfman in the nards is mandatory, as well.
  • So basically, I'm starting a club (step 1), then a media empire (step 2), you don't want to know what step 3 is. But to be clear, I'm not selling DFS content anymore. No advertising. No YouTube promo videos. No monthly packages. I'm starting a club. Maybe there will be an initiation, but not this year. Maybe I'm going to make you volunteer at an old folks home. Maybe you will lie and say you sponge bathed an oldie, and I'll let it slide because I don't want to hear anymore of the details. Maybe we will wear funny hats and drive small cars during parades. I don't know. The future is limitless. It's whatever I want because I am the President of the Monster Squad, but I'm not married to that title. I like Big Chief a little more. Big Chief of the Monster Squad.
  • Now that I have scared most of you away, if you throw $100 my way, then you're in the club and club members can look at my spreadsheets, etc.

How to pay - send $100:

When you pay - include your GMAIL address