Monday, June 28, 2021

$100 for the rest of the season


  • You get access to the Monster Squad discord - beta test went well. I am one of the dumbest people in the chat
  • Spreadsheets for the rest of the season (43 races) are in the discord
  • Seasonal Data Sheets (season data, optimals, lap-by-lap, pit stops, etc.) are in the Monster Squad discord
  • Shows in the discord video channel covering whatever I want to talk about. Still moving, so my setup is terrible. That means regular videos might be a week or so down the road. I anticipated this last month, that’s why I warned that the June videos etc may not be daily/weekly because I’m living in a Uhaul. 
  • My NASCAR thoughts are written in a special discord channel - basically a live article (it was 14 pages long for Nashville and was nearly 10,000 words, last week I broke down every driver - that’s a lot of content.
  • You will have the ability to ask me questions and chat with other crazy people that paid $100 to join this silly club
  • Also: my MLB and NFL spreadsheet is available in the discord, and other sport discussions are taking place, one guy has already completed 80 best ball drafts

How to pay - send $100:

When you pay - include your GMAIL address