Monday, February 8, 2021

Stenhouse Clash Mania

It is believed that some drivers will race during the Busch Clash while others will practice. Stenhouse seems like a racer, but should DFS NASCAR players roster Stenhouse based on this one assumption? Let's look at how he fared in the 2020 Daytona Road Course race.

start - 25th

Stenhouse moves to 23rd by lap 10, gains two more spots on lap 11, but that's due to pitstops by cars that were ahead of Stenhouse.

Stenhouse pit's before the end of the stage.

Yellow - Lap 17 - 31st

After others' pit he cycles to 26th.

Green - Lap 18 - 26th

Stenhouse loses two spots on the first lap of stage 2, but battles back and gets to 19th before pit cycling begins (10 laps in).

Stenhouse pit's before the end of the stage.

Yellow - lap 32 - 27th

After others' pit he cycles to 22nd.

Green Lap - 33 - 22nd

Stenhouse grabs five spots. Harvick spins, Grala loses some spots, Newman loses some spots, Bubba and Reddick too.

Yellow Lap - 37 - 17th

Green - Lap 40 - 19th place

BK misses chicane and flat spots tires, he pits, that's one position. 

Blaney pit road penalty (another spot).

Bell in grass in the infield, must fix damage (another spot).

Kenseth cycled to 16th and dropped to the spot where he should have been running.

Yellow - Lap 61 - 15th place

Some drivers ahead of Stenhouse opt to pit for fresh tires for the shootout finish.

Green - lap 63 - 10th

Stenhouse is passed on the final three laps by drivers that pitted under last caution.

Checkered - 16th

Conclusion: Stenhouse is a 15th place car at best. He didn't pass the cars that mattered. He moved forward when other drivers made mistakes. In his defense, he did not make any mistakes. If Stenhouse runs a clean race, and other drivers are testing, then it's possible that Stenhouse can finish in the top half of the field in the Clash at the Daytona Road Course.