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Notes - CUP - homestead - 2020 - DFS NASCAR

notes - CUP - homestead - 2020 - Fantasy NASCAR

Fantasy nascar notes

  • Day race…. Delayed by rain… longer a hot day race…. The Setup that works will be different

  • Hot day… but rain clouds keeping it cool

  • Hamlin setup - looked at final run from happy hour practice in 2019, and the 1st two runs of the fall race of 2019

  • Big rain clouds… temperature dropping

  • Logano gets good shove from teammate BK on the inside takes the lead

  • Restarts are hairy, but there is plenty of room

  • If someone runs three wide, then you’re done ...this mainly affects the bottom line. If you’re up top, then you will likely get a push because the trailing car has no where to go… on the bottom lane, the 2nd row can drop lower, or the third row can drop as well

    • BK not a good start, but rebounds quickly

  • Penske Fords strong early

  • Reddick aggressive on the wall (big surprise)...drives through field

  • BK on Logano bumper

  • Newman spins - cut a tire = competition caution 

  • Hamlin, car was tight, but it’s coming to him

  • BK - air gun issue = loses 4 spots on pit road 

  • Kenseth loose wheel, pits twice

  • Elliott - clean pass of Logano, drives away (able to get on the throttle sooner)

  • Lightning caution #2

  • A lot of cars on the lead lap… pit road is a bit of a mess… Logano takes nose damage.. Loses a bunch of spots (restarts 11)

  • Harvick and DiBenedetto damaged too ...pit again

  • Not terrible for Harvick… might be bad for DiBenedetto

  • Good restart battle between Blaney and Elliott

  • Hamlin passes Elliott (Gordon - “Hamlin has a very good long run car”)

  • AA to 4th

  • Logano made big setup changes during the red flag - didnt work

  • Erik Jones - loose wheel = green flag pit stop

    • 13.5 fast laps - this is likely how he earned those points, he was the only driver on fresh tires

  • Truex - 21 second pit stop - made a ton of adjustments

  • Hamlin faster, but cant get around Blaney

  • Hamlin finally gets around him after 10 laps

  • Erik Jones lucky dog

  • Hamlin - not tight enough to be aggressive, but got tight at the end, significant change

  • Reddick - rr coming apart

  • Logano - long pit stops

Stage 2

  • Hamlin takes bottom...Elliott beats him up top

  • Blaney to the lead (logano won 2019 homestead with Todd Gordon - blaney CC)

  • Hamlin slowly catching blaney - 28 laps into run

  • Kyle Busch sliding the nose “We’re just awful”

  • Old tires vs new tires = 3 seconds a lap

  • Hamlin was ½ second back, hamlin pit one lap sooner, after cycling, Hamlin with a 2.2 second lead

  • Reddick blocks Blaney, Blaney runs into him, get loose, and scrapes the wall, Blaney’s day was almost over

  • Green stage - 20 cars on lead lap - bubba last on lead lap, preece = lucky dog

  • JHN takes the wave around

Stage 3

  • Hamlin on inside, keeps the lead, good push from Reddick

  • Logano throws a block on newman, no surprise - newman doesn't take it… he spins logano and takes some damage = caution, … itchy trigger finger caution

  • Should not have been a caution...everyone pits

  • 12 wave arounds - 26 on lead lap

  • You either guessed right on the setup or you didn't

  • Chris beuscher blows a tire, no caution, makes it to pit road

  • Chase Elliott takes the lead by pitting one lap earlier

  • Hamlin runs him down quickly

  • Joey Logano v Chase Elliott - feud at the end of Bristol

  • Logano is one lap down...Elliott is going to put him 2 down and Logano is blocking him….this allows hamlin to take the lead ….Hamlin would have gotten the lead anway, but Logano didn’t need to do that

    • Earlier in the stage when Logano went one lap down, Logano shoved Elliott, nearly wrecked him 

  • Elliott still on Hamlin’s bumper, 14 to go….blaney coming into the picture ...lappers are everywhere

  • 17 cars on the lead lap - JHN last car on the lead lap, somehow - 9 to go

  • Erik Jones in 7th, pits with a flat tire = drops to 21st with 7 to go (RR damage)

  • Hamlin wins

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