Monday, February 22, 2021

DFS Notes - Homestead 2 - xfinity - 2020

fantasy NASCAR notes - homestead 2 - xfinity - 2020

Stage 1

  • Field set via 1-15 invert

  • Hemric goes to back for driver change

  • Allgaier starting in back (back up car)

  • AJ starting in the back

  • Ton of room to pass slow cars, ton of room for good cars to

  • pass good cars

  • Briscoe easily passes chastain for the lead

  • Cindric easily passes Briscoe

  • Allgaier completely changes setups, takes Gragson’s setup

  • Jones passes Briscoe (crew chief - Jeff Mendering, crew chief when Custer was great at homestead)

    • Also, Jones was awesome at fontana early in the season, they ran up against the wall. He dominated stage 1 and 2, but a penalty put him in traffic and he wrecked

    • Comp caution

  • Briscoe spins tires - drops to 10th on this run

    • Sieg and weatherman take tires early again (Hill, too)

  • Bacarella and TJM wreck

  • Michael Annett gets tires for 5 laps until the end of the stage. He drives from 28th to 2nd. Wow

  • Gragson and Allgaier not racing like teammates (bad blood from Bristol?)

Stage 2

  • Ross Chastain stays out, risky, but he only drops to 12th during the run (full green stage), that being said, 12th is the worst of the top tier cars

    • He took 4 tires on the caution with annett, but he chose to save his tires and finish the stage in the 30s ….saving tires did not work

  • Jones to the lead, then cindric to the lead

  • Hemric holding up gragson

  • Now hemric has dropped to 6th

  • Sieg is running stage 2 on scuffed tires, might not stay on lead lap - he won’t stay on the lead lap

  • Gragson back to the lead on the long run

  • AJ Allmendinger won’t run the wall

Stage 3

  • Gragson I have to run on the wall, the car is set up for the added downforce from the wall, If I’m not on the wall, I’m too loose, and I’ll wreck

  • Brandon Brown engine expires

  • Cindric tries to run wall, got into the wall pretty hard, within pit window

  • Allgaier gets into the wall, not terrible

  • Hemric misses pit road, will have to do another lap

  • Pit cycling happens

  • Allgaier into the wall again, tires gone, will need to pit again…. This weekend was awful, just as bad as the 2019 championship race

7   Justin Allgaier 162 Speeding on pit road Pass thru

7   Justin Allgaier 164 Speeding on pit road Tail end

  • Gragson with a 3 second lead on Briscoe, and 11 seconds on third place Cindric

  • Gragson stretching lead back out, people were in his line.not briscoe dealing with same traffic

  • Gragson having more trouble with traffic, briscoe catching

  • Gragson feels fine on the radio, not worried

  • Burton pits, flat tire

  • Briscoe pushing, not going to catch him, and if he does, he cant pass, so really has to push, hits the wall a couple times….now briscoe falls….lead 1.5 secs

  • Cindric caution (5 cars on lead lap)... blows a tire like everyone else, but doesn’t have the skill to save it (allgaier made it back to pit road, burton did too, not cindric)

  • Gragson done again, does not have short run speed. Briscoe drives away on restart

  • AJ sends herbst into hemric and annett (aj racing for $100,000), not AJs fault, herbst tried to block and AJ went through him

  • Briscoe wins restart again, Jones almost passes briscoe at the finish line

51   Jeremy Clements 166 Too many men over the wall Tail end

51   Jeremy Clements 166 Removing equipment Tail end

1   Michael Annett 171 Speeding on pit road Tail end

18   Riley Herbst 172 Speeding on pit road Tail end

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