Sunday, February 21, 2021

DFS Notes - Homestead 1 - Xfinity 2020

Fantasy NASCAR Notes - Homestead 1 - Xfinity 2020

Homestead 1- xfinity 2020

Stage 1

  • Gragson wants to run the wall

  • Chastain says that he does not

  • Burton on pole chooses outside

  • Lead on track … from Chase Briscoe… still haven’t started

  • Briscoe back on the track 6 laps down… BUT … he’s on fresher tires and will steal all of the fast laps

  • Gragson said he would get near the wall on lap 15

  • Briscoe gets one of his laps back

    • Competition caution - Caesar Bacarella gets lucky dog

    • Leader does not pipt = no wave around

      • Timmy Hill uncontrolled tire penalty

  • Inside line wins the restart again (good push)

  • Sieg on 4 tires, driving through field

  • Several cars took tires under the competition caution - so there are some surprises inside the top 5

  • Vanderwal blows up = end of stage

Stage 2

  • Outside wins on restart, but Cindric battles hard and regains lead on bottom (class Cindric taking great offense to being passed and driving every lap like it’s the last lap)

  • Riley Herbst struggling

  • Brett Moffit takes Vinnie Miller 4 wide, miller didn’t see him - both are done

  • Briscoe can’t get wave around, so took fresh tires, try to get lap back (poach more fast laps)

  • Allgaier pits, no tires, but a chassis adjustments, says the car is terrible

  • Chastain not great early in the run, but the best on the long run

  • Gragson over shoots pit stop, loses 3 spots

  • Jr grabs 3 spots and is in the lead

Stage 3

  • Gragson in row two goes sideways, no push for Jr, loses lead

  • Cindric and Chastain battling back and forth… somehow they do not wreck each other like usual

  • Gragson hits the wall

  • Jr battling for the lead

  • Here comes Gragson...gragson to the lead with ease

  • Allgaier into the wall, right front damage, 4 tires top under green

  • Cindric brushes the wall and has to hit pits early

  • Gragson pits the next lap, so he doesn’t lose time

  • Everyone is pitting

  • Ryan Sier running long, Briscoe running long

90   Caesar Bacarella 117 Unspecified Other (Fail to meet minimum speed)

11   Justin Haley 121 Tire violation Pass thru

10   Ross Chastain 123 Tire violation Pass thru

36   Alex Labbe 123 Unspecified Pass thru (Equipment over early)

  • Allgaier to the garage

  • 10 cars on the lead lap

  • Myatt snider tire run right in front Gragson

  • Gragson into the wall a little

  • Gragson in wall again

  • 10 to go … 9 second lead for Gragson

  • 6 cars on the lead lap….last car on lead lap 26 seconds back

  • Ryan Sieg caution with 7 laps to go

  • Alfredo lucky dog

  • Gragson pits with a giant gap between him and second place, chassis adjustment for gragson

  • 19   Brandon Jones 161 Speeding on pit road Tail end

  • Gragson is slow on short runs, he had no chance. Burton is gifted a win by the sieg caution

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