Wednesday, February 3, 2021

DFS NASCAR Tools - Free MME Sheet and Optimizer for Microsoft Windows

Link to DFS NASCAR Tools Folder (mme and ms optimizer)

In the folder you will find a mass multi entry spreadsheet and the Microsoft Excel version of the optimizer (some people cannot get access to the optimizer in google sheets, so this is a temporary workaround). Step by step instructions are included and there are YouTube videos explaining how to use each sheet.


  • This spreadsheet is fairly basic and crude, if you're looking for a high powered tool, then you will want to pay for a high powered tool. This is free. We call this compensating differences. The lack of power is negated by the low low price of zero dollars
  • Why is the Heavy sheet so slow? Watch the video, but if you haven't, it's running a lot of calculations and we're pushing the sheet to it's limit with basic processes. Use the light version for more speed, but it runs fewer calculations and does not build the best lineups. Just mess around with it, you'll see what I mean.
  • Yes, this sheet can be used in other DFS sports. I'm not going to show you how, but it can work for MMA and golf.
  • You have been saying for two years that you would improve this tool. I did a little, but I realized that the changes that I would require a major endeavor that would not make sense for a free spreadsheet.

MME Tool Video

Microsoft Excel optimizer video

How to run the optimizer in Google Sheets