Friday, January 15, 2021

Twitter DFS Lists

Whether you agree or disagree with the ”stay in your lane” sentiment, and there are strong arguments for (Thomas Sowell in his book Intellectuals and Society) and against (Scott Adams in his book Loserthink), there is no place for politics in a Twitter DFS list.

I’ve learned first hand, stay in your lane. People visit for DFS NASCAR info, not cynical political takes. If I step out of that lane, I lose patrons. Period.
On Twitter, whether a fantasy writer goes woke, based, or 4D conspiracist, it’s an easy unfollow. Easy, no big deal. Follow at your own risk.

The problem is Twitter lists. For example, Awesemo has a decent NFL writers list, but there are a couple writers that think they’re freaking Woodward and Bernstein. As I scroll on Sunday morning, I am subjected to their mid-wit tweets, and the terrible political takes they retweet. I cannot modify the list (maybe I can block them or mute them, but that’s too much work for me. This should be the job of the DFS list curator).

Can we all agree that if you’re not going to stay in your lane, then you cannot be in a list? I’m glad that you earned a B+ in your introductory poli sci class, but you’re ruining the utility of the list. Fun fact, Pat Mayo has a political science degree. You know how much he tweets about politics? None at all. He’s a professional; he gets it.

I’ll lead by example. I am starting to clean up my DFS NASCAR list. If a writer wants to soap box, then go to Facebook. The hook is quick. I’m not going to put up with WNBA tweets or lighthouses. The DFS industry (and I cringe saying those words) needs to follow suit. Lists are for stay in your lane folks.

The fear is that by excluding a writer, list users may miss a piece of vital information. That seems legit, but how realistic is that the DFS information tweeted by @KarlMarxDFS, will only exist on their account? It’s very likely that someone else shares similar information. Honestly, lists are too big to begin with. The repetition of information is annoying and time consuming. Karl needs to go.

To be clear, you’re more than welcome to tweet about decolonizing texts and oppressional matrixes of power, and I might follow you because you provide decent DFS information when you’re not drinking purple kool-aid, but you cannot be in a list. You’re not invited to the party. We like you, but we know you will ruin the vibe at the party. You’re incapable of staying in your lane, you can’t just party. It’s always something else, and that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with you, but you don’t get to party with us.