Monday, January 4, 2021

Single File Restarts at Xfinity Road Courses

This will be an unpopular opinion at first, but let ruminate. Let the idea breathe. Everyone should be on board.

The Xfinity series should do single file restarts at the Daytona Road Course. Here are the reasons:

  • Xfinity teams are poor. They can’t afford to tear up race cars on kamikaze restarts.

  • Xfinity drivers and crews do not have enough experience at the new road courses to attempt double file restarts.

  • Yes, restart carnage is exciting, but the wrecks denigrate the actual racing.

  • Less wrecks means quicker races, and cautions at road courses can last a lifetime.

  • DFS NASCAR becomes less of a lottery, and more about identifying driver skill.

  • It won’t be a total snooze, drivers can still run 2 to 3 wide into turn 1, but it will be more spread out.

  • Mike Harmon’s team did nothing wrong last year, but when the 10th place car trails the leader by half a minute, and the 30th place cars fill the front row on a restart with old tires, bad things will happen. A single file restart will allow crafty drivers to go around or find a safe space. With a double file restarts, the result will always be a Shark Sandwich.

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