Tuesday, June 1, 2021

DFS NASCAR Spreadsheet - June 2021

The DFS NASCAR content is available now for $30 at TrueDFS.com:

What do you get?
  • June Spreadsheets
    • Sonoma, Mid-Ohio
    • Texas (trucks, xfinity, cup open, cup all-star)
    • Nashville (trucks, xfinity, cup)
    • Pocono (trucks, xfinity, 2 cup races)
  • NASCAR articles
  • Season data sheets 
    • lap-by-lap, pit data, optimals, pts/race, etc
  • Discord
  • Videos

Friday, May 28, 2021

True DFS sign up

If you sign up for TrueDFS.com today...


You get all of the June stuff, and I am throwing in some Charlotte videos, articles, etc. to encourage you to go ahead and sign up now. Also, to give you a taste of future content -SO YOU BUY IT! ...Please.

If you bought the May sheets, you still get the May sheets. If you go buy the June sheets now at True DFS, then you can access the posts that I am creating.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Season Long Data and Videos at True DFS

If you signed up for May, you still get all of the May spreadsheets.

If you sign up at True DFS now, you get access to everything that I put up behind the paywall until 6/30/21. I'm already putting stuff up at True DFS now.

Stuff at TrueDFS or soon to be posted:

  • June Spreadsheets
  • NASCAR articles
  • Season data sheets (lap-by-lap, pit data, optimals, pts/race, etc)
  • Discord (this won't launch immediately)
  • Videos

Monday, May 24, 2021

True DFS - June Package

I love doing NASCAR content, but I hate dealing with sales, advertising, and tech junk. I’ve wanted to join a site that would take care of that end for years, but the offers were insulting. Finally, some professionals made me a great offer.

The spreadsheet will move to TrueDFS.com.

It will basically be the same, but now there are added layers of protection to limit theft and unauthorized use.

At True DFS, I will be able to create articles behind the paywall and videos. One of the reasons that I have been reluctant to record videos/podcasts was that it’s basically giving away the content that subscribers are paying for. The consensus opinion since day one this year was “You are dumb for making the sheet free. We want to pay to keep this stuff private.” So the people will get what they want.

There will also be a discord.

The price will be discounted the first month because the site is still beta testing and I am moving this month, so I can guarantee that I won’t be at the top of my game.

However, $30 for 12 sheets, private articles and videos, and a discord seems very fair (it was $30 for 8 races last month).

No season long package yet (beta testing, etc. you get it).

Go to TrueDFS.com to sign up for the June DFS NASCAR Package.

...We're having trouble with the activation email. Check your spam folder.

If you have the May package. Nothing changes yet. The Charlotte sheet will still be in google drive.

Monday, May 10, 2021

May DFS NASCAR Spreadsheet

$30 and I'll add you to the May folder.

What's in the folder? The weekly sheets. I'm not messing with a bunch of supplemental sheets. You get 2 Dover, 3 COTA, 3 Charlotte. No cup only package. It's $30 today and it will be $30 on Memorial Day weekend. I'm not playing games. If you do not want it, do not buy it.

I’m not going to explain publicly what is happening and why the sheets have returned, but if you would like to know, then email me and I’ll fill you in. Otherwise, it will be a couple months before I discuss the changes publicly - it’s nothing bad, just changes. That being said, the changes could be bad, if I do not generate a financial safety net. I need to do what's best for my family, and that's slinging sheets right now.

For the time being, I am doing a May package. My life is in flux, I cannot commit to season long packages. Maybe I find another platform for releasing the sheets. I don't know, but right now this is the best that I can do.

When you send the cash - INCLUDE your email address, so I can give you access to the folder.

Stay Tuned

 Life changes fast. Email me if you have any questions (race4theprize06@gmail.com).

Friday, April 30, 2021

shutting it down

My business model failed. The spreadsheet is not attracting donations, so I've got to find another job to support my family. I made a last ditch effort over the last month to focus my resources on the main spreadsheet, but it seems that the spreadsheet no longer has any value.

I have accepted that it's time to let it go. Thank you everyone.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Still free

Everything is still free. It will be posted later in the week. I apologize for the delays, but I just can’t keep up with everything. My family and full time job take priority ahead of a free spreadsheet.

update 4/15: upkeep, juggling, and planning on the back end. Sheets are on their way.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Bristol Plate Race on Dirt

It looks like this week is a plate race, so why kill yourself researching when at least half of the winning lineup will be fluky survival picks?

I could be wrong, this could be a demonstration of excellence. There are a lot of unknowns, but what we do know seems to point in the direction of madness.

Drivers with little dirt experience, cars designed for aero dynamic parity on 1.5 mile concrete cookie cutter ovals not dirt, and a flawed dirt track are enough reasons to expect real life fun and DFS doom.

I'm not going to labor over podcasts, and read articles and stats from dirt races with actual cars designed for dirt with actual dirt competitors. I'd rather spend my time studying 2021 data and preparing for Martinsville. I will still put some work into the spreadsheet, about the same time I put into a plate race spreadsheet.

Monday, March 22, 2021

MLB DFS Free Spreadsheet

I wasn't really excited about doing Dirt research today, so I threw together a fantasy baseball spreadsheet. It's in beta mode, and I won't get to complicated with it because I am 95% focused on NASCAR, but the goal is to build a sheet that allows DFS players to identify good pitcher plays. Maybe, I will work in hitters as well. I'm not sure if I want to update the fangraphs scrape data (change the date) everyday, but if it's popular, I might try to figure something out.

Link to MLB DFS Spreadsheet

Bristol - DFS Schedule

Friday March 26

  • 3:05 - Truck Practice
  • 4:05 - Cup Practice
  • 5:35 - Truck Practice 2
  • 6:35 - Cup Practice 2

Saturday March 27

  • 4:30 - Trucks - Qualifying Race #1
  • 4:45 - Trucks - Qualifying Race #2
  • 5:00 - Trucks - Qualifying Race #3
  • 5:15 - Trucks - Qualifying Race #4
  • 6:00 - Cup - Qualifying Race #1
  • 6:15 - Cup - Qualifying Race #2
  • 6:30 - Cup - Qualifying Race #3
  • 6:45 - Cup - Qualifying Race #4
  • 8:00 - Truck Race

Sunday March 28

  • 3:30 - Cup Race

Monday, February 22, 2021



This is a gratuitous and obnoxious victory lap, but it is worth it. I've been around since 2012, and I've never seen users from one DFS website sweep a weekend of major GPPs. I can't verify that no one else has done this, soooo I think we got it! A Race4thePrize.com user won the Truck Series GPP on Friday, then another user took down the Xfinity GPP on Saturday night, and to complete the sweep a long time spreadsheet user won the Daytona Road Course Cup race yesterday. All credit to those players, the sheet is just one part, but IT'S A FREE PART. A free website just accomplished something no paywall website has ever done. Also, let's give credit to Brandon Cruz and his free live YouTube show as well. Enough. Victory lap over.


I've added a little more to Homestead lap-by-lap data in the homestead sheet. Now, you can see who was the fastest on each specific lap to get a feel for the runs of the top tier drivers (or drivers that blew a tire and came back on track with fresh tires during a long run - see Jones and Kenseth). This data is also included in the 2021 lap-by-lap data. For example, you can see which lap Truex recorded his fast laps. Did he have superior long run speed at the Daytona Road Course? Look it up in the 2021 DFS NASCAR Spreadsheets.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Daytona Road Course - Free Fantasy NASCAR info

Weekend Notes (basically, a live evolving DFS article)
NC ice storm #2 - sheet updates might be intermittent

DFS Spreadsheets

DFS Race Notes

DFS YouTube/Podcasts

Live Shows

  • TBA - tentatively, we will do a show Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.

In case I didn't say it enough during the video, the same tools that were $200 last season and the season before that are now free. These are hard times; it's the least that I can do. Thank you for supporting me for all of these years.

Live Show - Free DFS NASCAR Lessons

Before Cruz and I go live for the DFS NASCAR Truck show, I will go live on my channel and help out with DFS NASCAR questions. With new people discovering the website, it makes sense to explain the spreadsheet and some of the data points that I look into. This will not be a Daytona Road Course show, Cruz and I will cover that on his channel, this is just a DFS NASCAR in general show.

Anyone can join with any level of expertise. Hang out and ask questions if you want. It will be sometime Friday afternoon. I'll have a specific time later this week.

Also, I posted some nuggets in the Patreon. I didn’t plan on doing much over there, but people signed up, so I’ve got to put some stuff on Patreon. You don’t have to sign up, you’ll be just fine with the free stuff, but if you want to be a super fan/diaper boss, then I’ll see you over there.

Monday, February 15, 2021

DFS NASCAR PICKS - Xfinity at the Daytona Road Course

Just give us the picks. Ok. Hear are the Fantasy NASCAR Picks for free.

Free DFS NACAR PICKS Xfinity Series 

Daytona Road Course Podcast

 preview the DRC by reviewing the clash

Daytona Road Course Bets

The web traffic has been it's highest in two year. Imagine that, make it all free, and people come out of the woodwork. I might as well put something up this morning, since you're visiting. There's no pay wall, I can post what I want, when I want. Back when I was selling, I had to keep this stuff behind the paywall in the notes section of the DFS NASCAR Spreadsheet. Otherwise the paying customers would be getting cheated. Now, you can all see my bad ideas.

A.J. at 8/1 - Nope. His setup was way off last year at the Daytona Road Course in the Xfinity race. What makes you believe that this small team is going to guess correctly in Cup while also having to guess correctly in the Xfinity series? He won at the Roval, but Kaulig has much more experience at that track. Maybe, their Xfinity notebook is stronger this season, but betting him in Cup at these odds is a mistake. They should be longer.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Clash - Daytona Road Course Pit Stops

DFS NASCAR analysis: a closer look at the pit stops in the clash and the importance of tires at the Daytona road course in the low downforce package.

driverleader lapflag status (in)flag status (out)pit stop type4 tire timein/offrankfinish
Kurt Busch611FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE19.124.95019
Joey Logano611FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE30.125.4573
Aric Almirola822FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE14.024.9712
Kevin Harvick822FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE14.024.71215
Brad Keselowski822FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE14.725.32017
Chase Elliott822FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE14.825.7222
Denny Hamlin822FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE14.924.9236
Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.822FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE15.125.4259
Martin Truex, Jr.822FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE15.225.22621
Cole Custer822FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE15.225.62720
Erik Jones822FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE15.725.4328
Austin Dillon822FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE15.824.93711
Ryan Newman822FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE16.725.34314
Ty Dillon822FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE17.425.64518
Kyle Busch822FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE18.424.9471
Matt DiBenedetto822FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE21.124.85310
Kurt Busch822FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE22.625.35419
Joey Logano922OTHER26.7603
Kevin Harvick1111OTHER25.26115
Joey Logano1411FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE14.525.4173
Tyler Reddick1411FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE15.625.8314
Erik Jones1411
Alex Bowman1411
Kevin Harvick1511FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE14.024.71015
Ryan Blaney1511FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE14.125.71313
Chase Elliott1511FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE15.725.7332
Austin Dillon1511FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE15.824.73611
Kurt Busch1511
Ryan Newman1622FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE14.024.6914
Denny Hamlin1622FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE14.424.7166
Brad Keselowski1622FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE14.524.91817
William Byron1622FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE14.925.6245
Kyle Busch1622FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE15.424.8291
Chris Buescher1622FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE15.624.93016
Cole Custer1622FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE15.71520.13420
Matt DiBenedetto1622FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE16.224.94010
Ty Dillon1622FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE17.624.94618
Alex Bowman1622FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE20.125.0517
Martin Truex, Jr.1622FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE37.025.95821
Tyler Reddick1622FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE53.125.8594
Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.1622
Joey Logano1622OTHER25.6663
Erik Jones1622TWO_WHEEL_CHANGE_LEFT25.5678
Kevin Harvick1622OTHER25.16815
Austin Dillon1622OTHER24.96911
Kurt Busch1622TWO_WHEEL_CHANGE_LEFT25.27019
Ryan Blaney1622OTHER25.77113
Chase Elliott1622OTHER25.6722
Aric Almirola1622FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE24.77312
Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.1722OTHER26.1749
Alex Bowman2122FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE13.024.927
Ryan Blaney2122FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE13.225.1413
William Byron2122FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE13.525.155
Chase Elliott2122FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE14.024.982
Aric Almirola2122FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE14.724.62112
Chris Buescher2122FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE15.324.82816
Tyler Reddick2122FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE15.925.4394
Ryan Newman2122FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE16.524.24214
Joey Logano2122FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE19.025.0493
Kevin Harvick2222FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE13.824.6615
Kurt Busch2222FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE14.324.71419
William Byron2222ONE_WHEEL_CHANGE25.9755
Alex Bowman2822FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE12.825.117
Ryan Blaney2822FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE13.025.0313
William Byron2822FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE14.024.8115
Kyle Busch2822FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE14.424.6151
Brad Keselowski2822FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE14.525.01917
Matt DiBenedetto2822FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE15.824.83510
Kevin Harvick2822FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE15.924.93815
Denny Hamlin2822FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE16.324.8416
Ty Dillon2822FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE17.125.24418
Erik Jones2822FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE18.725.0488
Austin Dillon2822FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE20.424.75211
Ryan Newman2822OTHER24.97614
Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.2922FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE23.325.7559
Cole Custer2922OTHER25.57720
Kurt Busch3111FOUR_WHEEL_CHANGE25.624.55619
Ty Dillon3411OTHER25.67818