Friday, December 25, 2020

Pros and Cons of No NASCAR Practice in 2021 (first edition)

Pros and Cons of No NASCAR Practice in 2021 (first edition)


  • DFS NASCAR players don’t need a seasonal subscription with less data existing this year
  • Less data to analyze, more free time
  • You do not have two watch 5-6 practice sessions each week
  • We know Qualifying positions well in advance of the race
  • Fantasy NASCAR players no longer have to rush to build between qualifying and start time
  • There is less noise (driver quotes, meaningless practice runs, etc.)
  • You can still donate to mensches, yes you, and you know who the mensch is
  • Less Mike Joy
  • It’s easier to play fantasy NASCAR - open the spreadsheet and roll on the day of the race
  • No DVR management needed
  • Mid week content has more value because nothing changes from Monday to Sunday without practice and qualifying
  • YouTube DFS NASCAR shows are no longer Saturday only events
  • Mike Joy only gets one opportunity to repeat the same tired factoids (Delaware water table, New England racing trivia, hot rod music at Fontana
  • There will not be 32 Daytona 500 practices
  • There is an edge for DFS players that rewatch races with the lap data and attentively take notes 
  • More free time to work on projects around the house, depending on your wife, this might be a con


  • I cannot sell content (I will accept donations for making your DFS process easier, but I cannot pretend that I am providing special insight when there is very little data available)
  • I’ll be begging more
  • DFS players will focus on the few data points available and end up in the similar place
  • There is no longer an edge for players that attentively watch Cup practice weekly
  • Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings can be boring if you have nothing else to do
  • Less driver interviews for DFS insight
  • Less Dale Jr commentary
  • The NASCAR experience doesn’t feel full
  • The technical connection to NASCAR that is absent in other sports is now gone, and the experience is distant
  • Practice allowed DFS players to watch NASCAR without action, it was the last pure form of viewing for DFS players, now it’s always with money on the line
  • There will still be Daytona practices somehow

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