Sunday, December 27, 2020

Notes - Xfinity - Daytona Road Course - DFS NASCAR - 2020

  DRC - Fantasy NASCAR Xfinity - 2020

  • No practice

  • Wet track (some took rain tires)

  • Cindric and Briscoe on front row - both overdrive turn 1 ► Gragson to the lead

  • Cindric takes the lead on the exit of 6 (back onto the oval)

  • Briscoe misses chicane - stop on track - drops to 14th

  • Sieg huge lock up on turn 1 chicane - pits for tires = drops to 26th

  • Lap 2 - Haley an Chastain miss chicane at the same time

  • Briscoe pits and puts the slicks back on

  • Haley misses turn 1 on lap 4 (guy once won a road course in a truck series)

  • Gragson makes a stop and go

  • AJ - the setup is really far off

  • Field spread out...8 laps = 10th place car is 30 seconds back!!!

  • Lap 9… lap turning

  • Andy Lally in the top 5 - 02 Our Motorsports (Moffitt Car)

  • Chastain - gears broken (4 to go)

  • Haley wrecks

  • AJ pit before the yellow = huge advantage….Car/Truck servicing out of the assigned pit box (1 lap hold)

    • Week before at Road America - AJ was leading, but he did not pit before the caution, and it cost him the race, this time he pit, but they did not detach the fuel can as he pulled away

  • Daniel Hemric wrecks on the restart - bug surprise

Stage 2

  • Cindric pits = restarts 18

  • Earl Bamford (RCR #21) turns Herbst (was in 2nd)

  • Noah gragson gets tires on grass, and spins in infield, slides into tire barrier, not a lot of damage = briscoe to the lead

  • AJ = free pass

  • Restarts are ugly… when drivers spread out… they take it easy

  • When they’re close together, they can’t and driving anywhere close to the edge results in spins, wrecks, and overdriving turns. Ugly, this is hardly racing

  • Burton having wheel hop issues

  • Bilicki in top 10 spins

  • 4 laps to go, Cindric on Briscoe’s bumper

  • Cindric crew chief Brian Wilson - “going with a conservative setup because we don’t know this track”

  • Cindric not pushing it…. Takes the lead clean… then in the chicane Briscoe moves Cindric

    • Cindric on the radio, “I wasn’t going to beat on him, but if he blocks under brakes again, then I will put him in the tires. That’s the end of it. I talked to him during lunch, and after indy, you do not block under brakes.”

Stage 3

  • Poor pit stop for Bamber

  • Cindric and Briscoe restart in traffic

    • Briscoe inside = space… cindric on outside = not a good spot

  • AJ - “car just doesn’t have the speed”

  • AJ saving fuel

  • Herbst spins ...who hasn't?

  • Cindric saving his stuff (2nd)

  • Big damage for Bamber (RCR #21) .. the curbs will destroy your race car

  • Nearly everyone pits

  • Front Row = Mike Harmon Mafia, and Snider stays out as well = 3rd on the inside

    • Brisoe now restarts lane 2 on the outside ...that’s where Cindric had issues at the beginning of the stage, but smarty got through by conceding spots, Briscoe does not play it smart, and crashes

    • Five cars miss the corner… Don’t blame harmon… the drivers on the outside have overdriven turn 1 every time… the only time it didn’t happen was when Cindric played it safe… remember Roval Cup 18

    • Pardus turned

    • Briscoe wrecks

    • AJ pushed 47 ...he overdrives because he is being pushed, and briscoe follows the 47 off the cliff...AJ and 93 overdrive too

    • Then Briscoe tries to drive through Herbst, but ends up wrecking himself

  • Jones inherits the lead

  • Big wreck on restart = no caution ...mainly nobodies involved

    • Buford turned by jesse little ...allows AJ to gain back a lot of spots, and harrison burton (both pitted after briscoe wreck)

  • Cindric easily takes the lead

  • AJ tries to pass lally and allgaier, but wheel hops and takes allgaier out, AJ keeps it moving, allgaier drops from 3rd to 9th

  • Cindric wins

  • Allgaier wants to fight AJ, but AJ doesn't care

  • Notes - Xfinity - Daytona Road Course - DFS NASCAR - 2020

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