Wednesday, December 30, 2020

notes - Trucks - Daytona Road Course - 2020

 Daytona Road Course - DFS NASCAR NOTES

  • Zane Smith on pole, misses turn one BY A MILE

  • Ben Rhodes banging on Christian Eckes for 2nd on lap one 

  • Moffitt’s lead shrinks, then the stretches it back out

  • Creed to 3rd

  • Derek Kraus misses chicane - into the grass

  • Canadian  -- “Lessard has some road racing experience”

  • Creed says he’s getting a little bit of wheel hop, the team gives him some in car adjustments that he can make

  • Hoecever and Mark Smith (niece) spin off track

  • Bobby kennedy (00) out of the truck… Reaume rolling the car backwards

  • Hood up on Enfinger’s truck - appear to have fixed what was wrong - changed battery

  • Friesen battery issue, team changing the alternator

    • 12 14 3   #42 stopped turn 6 #83 (viens)

 Stage 2

  • Eckes stay out on old tires

  • Sauter misses chicane - into the grass

  • Crafton - new tires - takes lead on lap 2

  • Eckes in the infield, clips the grass and spins, Zane smith loses a spot because of the spin

  • Sheldon Creed runs them down again

  • Todd Gilliland changing battery

  • Heat causing a lot of problems for the trucks

  • Derek Kraus on pit road under repairing damage from earlier

  • Matt crafton misses chicane while leading, takes a big chunk out of the the grass

    • Crafton did not stop, NASCAR taking a look, no penalty, he does not have to stop because he lost two positions, it wasn’t an advantage

      • In cup race, they said if a driver goes into the grass, there is no penalty, driving into the grass in penalty enough

  • Tagliani to 3rd (#51 KBM)

  • Kligerman in top 5

  • Crafton having wheel hop issues, worried about overheating from grass on grill

  • Eckess pitting, trying to do it one one stop, but the spin might have hurt the strategy

  • Creed - having a fuel issue on the final lap - he’s costing…. NOPE!!!

    • Creed and Team thought the stage was over, he almost got passed by Austin Hill

  • Roper (#04) makes contact on pit road

    • 27 27 1   end of stage 2 #52

 Stage 3 

  • Scott Lagasse Jr misses chicane into the grass

  • Carson Hoecever spins off track in turn 1

  • Lessard from the lead misses the chicane

  • Crafton to the lead then Moffitt to the lead (chicane pass), crafton doesnt fight him

    • 34 34 1   #3 stopped turn 8 #83 (viens)

  • Majeski over shoots pit box

  • Crafton stays out … Creed in 2nd

  • Kligerman in to the grass on restart - from 12th to 21st

  • Tagliani has a tire rub

  • Ty Majeski stalled out… looks like he got nailed in the back

  • Tyler Hill spins out

  • Moffit gets nose damage passing Crafton

  • Derek Krause stalled in the infield

  • 41 41 1   #19 stopped turn 3 #83 (viens)

  • Creed and GMS leaned on the ARCA team for setup ideas

  • Decker and Hoecevar wreck - no caution

  • Chicane MADNESS

    • Tagliani pushes Rhodes into the grass in the chicane

    • Tagliani spins, then clips Kligerman

      • Everyone keeps going

      • Finally a caution for Hoecevar

  • 44 44 1   #40 stopped turn 5 #04

  • Kris Wright (24 GMS) spins around in the infield grass

  • Moffit faster, but creed doing a good job of blocking (teammates)

  • Moffit does not use the bumper

  • Wreck in the chicane

    • Looks like Sauter and Tagliani based on lap data, broadcast did not show it

  • Friesen turns Eckes in the tri oval right before the finish line, eckes clips the grass hard, big damage

prerace notes
  • zane - no road experience
  • eckes - no road experience
  • gray - KN - at the Glen.... 11th of 17 cars
  • Kraus - 5, 10, 19th at Sonoma - KN west ...9th at The Glen
  • 5. Matt Crafton ($) - No one has Daytona Road Course experience, but Crafton has plenty of road racing experience. A lifetime ago, Crafton finished 2nd in a Gen 3 car on the L.A. street circuit, and no this wasn’t the phony Baywatch race where David Haselhoff in the AOL car finished 2nd to Mark Martin. Experience will be everything this weekend
  • Carson Hocevar - and this weekend's race will be his first career road-course entry at any level of racing.
  • 15. Natalie Decker ($) - Believe it or not, Natalie Decker is one of the most experienced Daytona Road Course drivers in the field. If you close your browser right now, it’s completely understood. Decker finished 8th in a class of 15 drivers in the 2018 Trans Am race at Daytona.
  • 16. Mark Smith ($) - A Niece Motorsports truck is priced under $5,000 and it’s starting 35th. If you were driving a Niece truck starting 35th for $4,800, I would have 100% of “dude reading my article” in my lineups. Smith isn’t a road racer, he’s a dirt racer; but as long as he takes care of the truck he should easily finish inside the top 25.
  • optimizer bouncing between Decker and Hoecver.. I don't like either
  • if you believe the franch canadian - Lessard had earlty career road experiencehe does not
  • stop stealing my work rotogrinnderss
  • bobby reuse raced yesterday, not allowed to run two races.. and this - Expected to Withdraw From Truck Race at Daytona Road Course Due to Chassis Certification Issues

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