Tuesday, December 29, 2020

notes - CUP - Daytona Road Course - 2020

notes - CUP - Daytona Road Course - 2020 (drc)

  • Race 23

  • Best lap time - 117.7 seconds or 1 minutes 57 seconds

  • Harvick and Hamlin agreement for turn 1 - take it easy ► allows Hamlin to have the preferred groove in the infield

  • No mistakes on lap 1 = respect for each other, also taking it easy

    • Some laps are so slow on lap 1, that I excluded it in data averages

  • Harvick does not look comfortable

  • Lap 3 - Kyle Busch battling for lead with Hamlin...takes lead… then loses lead

  • Busch flat spots a tire on chicane… going to pit and take 4… has not hit pit road yet

  • BK missed chicane = stop

  • Reddick missed chicane = stop

  • 6 to go … Truex passes Hamlin (lets him by)

    • But Truex opens the door, and hamlin tries to pass him back... hamlin makes contact, gets a little bit of a tire rub

      • Hamlin pits ...would have pitted in two laps anyway

  • Truex pits, Elliott stays out to win stage

  • Alex Bowman blows a tire… running around on rim - final lap


    • During caution laps…. Truex is saving fuel and the car shuts off… he cant maintain pace and gets passed..should have retarted 2nd… instead restarts 6th


  • Logano in first, he did not pit, restarts on old tire (drops to 6th in one lap)

  • Hamlin back to the lead

  • Truex to 2nd ...so far, Truex looks the best….8 to go, Truex finally gets around in the chicane


    • Truex SPEEDING PENALTY...pit road is closed...not allowed to do a pass thru (only lose some spots)...instead, he will go to the tail - whole field is on the lead lap...going to the back

  • Hamlin gives James Davidson his lap back ...wins stage

    • Elliott pits early...will take lead to start stage 3

    • Harvick pits early in 2nd

Stage 3

  • Harvick gets dumped in the infield by Bell...no caution… goes to last

  • Truex makes contact with Ty Dillon ...tire rub

    • RED FLAG - Lightning

      • JJ Yeley - passes out from heat… Bayley Currey in car now

  • 26 to go …. Back under green

  • Ryan Preece spins JHN in the infield

  • Harvick spins out with 22 to go

  • BK misses chicane (22 to go)

    • Pit cycling begins

  • Kyle Busch in 2nd, brake rotor issue, done.

  • Truex fastest on the track, but digging out of starting 30th to begin the stage was too much

  • Elliot has a 10 second lead on hamlin (2nd) with 9 laps left

  • Hamlin being told, do not overdrive it, you can't catch Elliott

  • Bell in the grass on the infield

  • Kyle Busch wreck, a very real failure, and tires blown out, just very convenient for the two JGR cars running in a distant 2nd and 5th place

  • Logano pits from 7th - restarts 18th, finishes 9th

  • Buescher, another good restart, got as far up as 4th

  • Lajoie spins

  • Elliott holds off and wins


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