Thursday, January 7, 2021

No Favorites

Removing bias in DFS NASCAR

fantasy nascar bias

I do not have a favorite driver. I don’t even have an affinity towards any team in all of sports (I root for the Reds, but they’ve been awful for 30 years, so there is hardly any favoritism). My indifference seems to bother people, not because they are perplexed that one can be refuse to swear allegiance to a sports team, but because they cannot ridicule me based on my team. It’s not fair. I can mercilessly tear them apart based on their team, but they cannot return the attack.
When I pick drivers, I could care less about how much I like them. This is helpful and avoids bias. I would recommend everyone try it. It makes the experience less enjoyable because you are admitting this is all about money, but let’s be honest, you’re not 10. That naïve childhood fantasy of what sports are should have died years ago.

The problem with not liking drivers is that it swings in the opposite direction. Instead of bias towards the drivers that you like, you can develop a repulsion from the drivers that you like the least. I have not rostered Austin Dillon very much over his career because I like him the least, but fortunately this has worked out. My discrimination of Austin Dillon is not based on stereotypes or the fact that he has a wealthy grandpa. It’s based on evidence. Discrimination means to choose one thing over another. I rarely choose Austin Dillon because he has 10th place talent at best and his equipment is marginal. I am biased, but I am aware of the bias and I know that the bias is based on sound empirical data. He’s burnt me a couple times, but there have been 100s of races where this joker did nothing.

If you choose to abandon fandom, realize you will develop a fond hatred for them all. Make sure the driver you despise is because of talent and equipment and nothing else. The Kyle Busch haters did alright this year, but that was a first and likely a last.

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