Wednesday, December 30, 2020

My Fantasy NASCAR Bubble

Call it ego, call it what you will, but I do not listen to other daily fantasy NASCAR experts.

Originally, this exclusion was part ego and part laziness. There might still be a hint of ego behind my process, but anyone that has used my DFS sheets, podcasts, or articles will know that lack of effort is not synonymous with my work. Even when I was lazy five years ago, my lazy is not most people’s lazy. Let’s stop this here because this is not a post about a resentful underappreciated yeoman. It’s about why I ignore everyone.

If you use my spreadsheets, then you know it’s my work. When you come to my site, you get my perspective, not a perspective influenced by other prominent DFS NASCAR providers. I like to think that’s why many people come here. If I ripped off everyone else, or simply read their work and filtered it, then you wouldn’t need me. I’m not the Pepsi to their Coke. I’m Red Bull or Kick or Mt. Dew Live Wire (RIP or $9 per can on Ebay). I’m something different, and sometimes it feels great, and other times, not so much, but you know the risk, and besides, no one wants two colas.

It’s not an ego thing, and it’s not any disrespect, but I trust myself more than I trust others. On the crest of The Royal Society, the guys that did this little thing called the Enlightenment and made rational scientific thinking cool, is the phrase, “'Nullius in verba.” Which means “take nobody's word for it.” I am sure the other DFS contributors put in the work, but how can I know? Why spend an hour watching a YouTube video or reading an article when I can do my own research? 

The point is this - I’m not contrarian, but I have intentionally locked myself in a bubble. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it fails miserably. However, as we approach an entire season void of practice and key data points, it will become paramount that DFS players find ways to swerve and separate from the field. That’s why I live the DFS lockdown life. You can try both each week. Review what everyone says and make the best decisions, but for me, if I repeat what everyone else is saying, then what’s the point?

With all of that being said, why not experiment? I watch other free shows on YouTube from time to time, and obviously, most of what I hear, I already know and so do you, but there are nuggets. It's hard to justify watching a thirty minute video for a nugget, but I can speed up the videos. Other people are putting in work. They're approaching slates differently. It is egotistical and ignorant to simply ignore the content that is out there. If I am going to be steadfast in my beliefs, then I need to entertain challenges. If my mind is changed by a video or a tweet, then I'll let you know, and I'll give credit to the author. 

I can't imagine that anyone reading this would be opposed to the consumption of additional information. Especially, if you yourself made it to paragraph six. You appreciate information.