Tuesday, April 28, 2020

May 2020 Package - Fantasy NASCAR Spreadsheet

Fantasy NASCAR Podcasts for DFS contests (Cup for Darlington)


...more Darlington podcast on iTunes and YouTube

Intermediate Track Review 2020

Dover iRacing and May Spreadsheet Update

What's in the fantasy NASCAR spreadsheet?

  • Practice - short, long, averages, lap by lap
  • John Henry Projections (My personal projections for me made by my mind, not a computer. I am not selling projections, but you can use these how you see fit)
  • Optimizer
  • Mass Entry Lineup Builder
  • My Notes (click here - excerpt sample)
  • Historical Data
  • Past Optimal Lineups
  • etc.

Season Package

  • $230 (cheaper than last year)
  • That's 94 races
    • If priced $4 a sheet ...$376
    • If $3 a sheet ...$282
    • 230/94 ...you do the math. It's pretty fair

May Package: Price $20

1. 5/17 - Darlington (cup)
2. 5/19 - Darlington (xfinity)
3. 5/20 - Darlington 2 (cup)
4. 5/24 - Charlotte (cup)
5. 5/25 - Charlotte (xfinity)
6. 5/26 - Charlotte (trucks)
7. 5/27 - Charlotte 2 (cup)
8. 5/30 - Bristol (xfinity)
9. 5/31 - Bristol (cup)
sign up now - and I'll throw in the DFS iRacing spreadsheet for Dover and Martinsville.

No practices, so no practice data, but I'll pull lap data from the races and include that in the sheets along with the intermediate track practice data from earlier races this season.

note: I do not want to mess around with weekly sales. I hesitate to even offer this option. To discourage you from choosing this option, the weekly price will be the full original price from early 2019.

Just send the appropriate amount of money to:
  • PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/PearceDietrich
  • Venmo: @race4theprize
    • Important - In the payment note section:
    • include your gmail address
    • include the package you are purchasing (e.g. March)
    • you can also send this info in a separate email to race4theprize06@gmail.com.

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