Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Post Sonoma 2018 race notes

Post Sonoma 2018 - Podcast race notes

Sonoma doesn’t matter this week….it’s not going to help us this week But I want to go over something while it’s fresh on my mind You might want to Bookmark the CHicago script or podcast for when NASCAR goes to Watkins Glen & the Charlotte Roval In my article...and the cheat sheet...and the slack chat I was very vocal with my view on scoring and the pricing DK did not price the drivers correctly….Busch and Harvick were way too high They werent in play Truex was just close enough that you couldn’t write him off I was completely wrong ….but let’s walk through this It’s a stage race at road course There should be varying pit strategies Pit early….stay out….or just a completely different cycle No one should lead a lot of laps Fast laps should get spread around too…..you could not pay for harvick You just couldn't Not only did harvick have to run a perfect race He would need the race to play out pefectly It was the same situation for Truex ….and yet…..somehow that happened The race went completely green No cautions…...no opportunities to vary pit strategy I never even considered that a possibility Hindsight is 20/20…..of course if the race goes green….Harvick and Truex can top 70 points…and they can hit 6x. All I needed was one caution…..and there is a good chance that they don't hit 6x I do not remember that last race without a caution I was totally wrong this week…..the race went green and fading the 10k drivers didn't work If there prices are too high again at WG,....I’ve got to roll with the same strategy…..I can’t bet on a NO caution race What was the statistical odds of that happening? …..another thing…..that was pretty bad race The cars were spread out all day….it was like watching some drive on a country road all day I’m about to start a campaign to bring back the Debris caution Maybe I’m a fake fan…. I dont know…..but I used to love road course races…..but now they’re boring and hard to follow….Jones and Bowman looked average to bad all day….Jones was wrecking….Bowman at one point was holding up 6 cars…….then they get a top 10? That doesn’t make sense Is that racing? Is that a good show for the fans to see fluky pit strategy top 10s? Is that fun for the drivers? Is that what Sonoma wants to be know for? Does anyone really want that? I know nothing about F1….but they race at road courses…. I can’t imagine that’s how there races play out….every week the top 10 drivers are flukes Their top 10 ...I would imagine is the best cars Why can’t that happen in NASCAR? Why can’t the top 10 ….be the top 10 best cars?

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