Monday, April 8, 2019

Richmond should be similar to Phoenix

In the new Hid-Hop package (high downforce, high horsepower), Richmond should be very similar to Phoenix. Richmond is a one groove race track. It's part short track and part intermediate track. It's by no means an exact replica of Phoenix, but this should be single file racing with terrible aero push.

It will take good cars a long time to work their way up to the front. Making position movement even more difficult is the fact that there is nowhere to go on restarts. Drivers can try to jump to the outside on restarts, but that can end badly. Phoenix offered many lanes on restarts. That will not happen at Richmond. Track position will be king this weekend.

Watch Phoenix again, but don't waste too much time staring at green flag runs where cars go nowhere. Add the "Youtube Playback Speed Control" to your chrome browser and watch it at warp speed.

Richmond Spring 2018 - YouTube

Richmond Fall 2018 - YouTube

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