Monday, February 18, 2019

Fantasy NASCAR Spreadsheet Payment Plans

Fantasy NASCAR Spreadsheet Payment Plans

  • Venmo or Paypal me $5. 
  • Add a Note in the payment: 
  • Venmo or Paypal me $35.
  • 5 weekends - 12 sheets
March + Atlanta weekend
  • Venmo or Paypal me $43.
  • All of March and the 3 Atlanta Sheets (cup, xfinity, & trucks)

  • You get nothing except for a warm feeling knowing that you helped pitch into the daycare fund. Maybe I'll send you a picture of my son watching NASCAR, so you know that this is all real. There are a lot of DFS crazies out there.
  • This is just "$5 a month thank you" because you like the podcast.
Full Season
  • If you want to just get it over with, then email me, and I'll throw a number at you, if you like it, then I'll set you up for the full season.
People with a balance:
  • I've got record of all of your payment. If you want to roll it over into a package, then let me know.

Hey, I thought you didn't want to do commitments or packages! 

That is true, but I grossly underestimated how many people were interested in the sheets. I do not want to spend all weekend adding people to the sheets. It's a lot easier to grant access once for the entire month.

Hey, I thought it was $2 not $5.

I discounted the sheets for Daytona. If you have been listening to the podcast, the plan has always been for the sheet to be $5. This is too high for some, and I understand, but let me explain:
  • Less people with the sheets increases their informational value.
  • More sales means more time that I have to spend manually adding people to the sheet. I sold a lot of sheets last week, awesome, but I was GLUED to my phone adding people all weekend, not awesome. Last week was a nice discount, but $2 is too cheap. We can debate that $4 is the right number, and I'll listen to your debate -, but I'm not listening to a $2 debate. That's going to the spam folder!
    • More time spent on the business end defeats the whole purpose of this endeavor. I just want to make a spreadsheet that helps people out, pay for some of daycare, and spend time with my family (and iRace, but that looks like it will never happen again).
Hey, I thought you were going to package the Trucks and Xfinity together.

I thought about that until I started putting the sheets together. They're worth $5 a pop. Again, I'll listen to your price pitch -


  1. Please send me a sample sheet to review. Last weeks NASCAR Daytona 500 sheet is fine. I'd like to see what it looks like and data it holds to see if this would be worthwhile. Thanks.

  2. Sorry email is -