Monday, February 25, 2019

DFS NASCAR Sheet Commercial

Sales Pitch...

The Daily Fantasy NASCAR spreadsheet is like a set of knives. I do not give out picks, projections, write articles, or record shows. I make a spreadsheet that makes it easier to play DFS NASCAR and easier to do well. A set of knives does not prepare dinner alone; they make it easier to make dinner. Sometimes, there is a knife in the set that is really helpful. It all depends on the meal. You still have to cook dinner on your own, but for $5, it's easier to cook dinner. You can cook from scratch, or you can hire a chef to cook for you. Maybe you don't want to cook, then don't buy the knives this week, but when you want them, they're here.

Here are people that made THEIR OWN PLAYS. They used the DFS NASCAR sheet as a helpful guide, but they did this on their own, tout-free.

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