Saturday, February 2, 2019

174 - What are we doing with Laps Led Points?

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Way to early physics by not a physicist

Passing the leader isn’t happening without help. The clean air is too much of an advantage.

Will there always be clean air Dega the pack never catches traffic. And when they rarely do the speed difference is such that the mappers have to acquiesce to the leaders

If traffic spreads out at an intermediate track, which is likely with 40 cars....then at some point ...the lead cars will catch traffic

This was a disadvantage to leaders in the old package, but it was also a disadvantage to the 2nd 3rd and 4th car

With the new package...the leader has an unfair advantage, but that disappears in traffic.

The test didn’t show this. The short stages at the all star race didn’t show this.

So...if the leader loses invincibility during long green runs. What happen during pit cycles

In the past, if the leader pit cycles with pack around the same lap, then they retain the lead. Even if someone stayed out, it eventually came cal to them

This will change.

Let’s play this out. The lead car pits on the green cycle. He comes back out and he’s in traffic. He’s open game to be passed. By the time al drivers pit cycle , the leader may not have the lead.

The test showed that passing in the pack, when everyone is in dirty air is easy.

When the leader pits they are diving into dirty air. They’re getting in the mud.

Some drivers will stretch fuel and hold on to track position.

From the test, it looked like the leader would be unbeatble.

It will be the opposite. Double file restart battles for the lead will be Harry.

When the leaders enter dirty air, their edge evaporates

On green flag pit runs, they’ll lose the lead and likely not regain it at the end of the cycle.

Think about this DFS players .... we know fast laps are dead

But are laps led dead too? Are we just picking top 5s and 10s like this is fantazzle?

You can’t abandon laps led, but right now, I’m downgrading it some.

If a driver leads a cycle that’s 40 laps in this package. That’s 10 points. It’s hard to ignore a driver that leads a couple of cycles.

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