Thursday, January 17, 2019

Future of NASCAR - IROC Redux

IROC XXX 2006 Race 2 - Texas

(watch it at 2x speed - more exciting and it wont consume as much time)

  • We do not know that the "plate light" package will be this extreme, but if so...
  • Tandem racing will be popular (two car bump drafts or 3-4 cars lines)
  • Side drafting will result in cars spreading out all over the track to find clean air and avoid side drafting. This along with the reduced speeds will result in multiple racing grooves.
  • A bump draft tandem or a group of 3-4 cars will earn the fast laps, and not necessarily the car running in first.
  • The Talladega Fall 2018 was dominated by SHR cars working together. The 2019 intermediate tracks could become team races or manufacturer races.
  • Spotters will be busy, and specific spotters may give a driver an edge - T.J. Majors/Joey Logano combo comes to mind.
  • Passing takes a lot of work. Drivers who are accustomed to passing simply because they have a better car will no longer have that advantage. Drivers must be patient or else frustration could result in wrecks (e.g. 8 laps to go -
  • Off the top of my head, patient plate drivers that might excel this year - Austin Dillon, Ryan Newman, Paul Menard, Joey Logano.
  • This package would have been great for A.J. Allmendinger. He ran well in the all star race and had been great at the plate races over the last couple years.
  • Ricky Stenhouse could be great now that he's on an even playing field. On the other hand, his aggressive plate style could wreck the field.

IROC XXX 2006 Race 4 - Atlanta

Indy Car Pack Racing - 2017 Texas Finish