Friday, December 28, 2018

160 - Leave Austin Dillon and the Silver Spoons Alone

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This one pains me, but we’ve got to leave Austin Dillon alone. He’s rich, privileged, and lacks talent, but we’re worse because We’re resentful.
Why do you work? To take care of your family. To give your son or daughter a better life. That’s what Richard Childress did. What Dillon has is what you want for your own. His luck is his families sacrifice.
NASCAR is nepotistic. It always has been. Jr had Sr who had Ralph. Dale Sr wasnt born into a wealthy family, but he was born into a racing family. He was given the opportunity to work on and race cars at a young age. The King had Lee. Davey had Bobby. Chase has Bill.
We lie to ourselves about what’s important. We don’t really care about Horatio Alger sports stories. If we did, then we would be soccer fans. Everyday, third world children lift themselves and their families out of abject poverty by practicing soccer, but we don’t really care about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. We only attach meritocracy when it supports the drivers that we like.

There isn’t a scenario where these kids weren’t going to end up race car drivers. Robert Plomin’s research reveals that genes play a bigger role in our lives than previous thought. This does not mean that environment does not play a role. Genes are number 1, nurture number 2; together they’re a hell of cocktail. Basically, the son of a driver is genetically predisposed to be a racer. Then factor in that the child grows up in a racing environment. It’s impossible for some of these silver spoons to not go into racing. If you still want to be mad, then you better start celebrating the children that do not go into racing. These children are brave adventurers throwing privilege to build their own lives, but you don’t care about them do you? Partly because they don’t exist. All of these boys go into racing. If you hate it now, then be prepared to hate the next generation.
For good measure, you should purchase and
Silver spoons are not going away and they are not new. There is a proliferation of undeserving drivers, but there is nothing you can do about it. Basically, you are arguing for rides to be earn in a fair manner through hard work. That doesn’t work in any private avenue of life. How many people have you worked with that are fair, decent, and hard working, but there stuck in the same position? Government protected rights and equality, yes that should be fair for everyone. Private business, no. Discrimination is legal as long as it is not based on race religion or sex. Richard Childress can discriminate on the basis of whether you are his grandkid or not. He could also discriminate based on competence, but that clearly hasn’t happened has it Paul Menard.
Let this one go. Leave Austin Dillon alone. To those who have everything, more will be given; from those who have nothing, everything will be taken.

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